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Server Acceptable Use Policies
College Policies
As a Merrimack College resource, the Computer Science Department server (Zurg) falls under the "Acceptable Use Policy for Technology". You can find this policy in the student handbook. In addition to the college policies, the Computer Science department enforces the policies found on this page.
An account on the server is a privilege not a right. If you agree to the policies on this page, you may request an account by completing the the account request form. Please be sure to follow all instructions in the form. Accounts will only be granted to: CS majors, CS minors, or students currently enrolled in a course with a CSC prefix. All accounts are deactivated upon graduation.
Unauthorized Access
  1. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that their account password and files are kept private. Users who give out their system password(s) to other individuals will have their account privileges revoked.
  2. Password cracking and/or guessing is not allowed. Students found to be cracking passwords will be subject to account locking and/or deletion.
  3. Students may not use their CS accounts to attempt to gain unauthorized access to other Merrimack College or non-Merrimack College systems. Those accounts involved in this activity will have their accounts locked and/or deleted. This also includes but, is not exclusive to, actions such as: 'spamming', 'hacking', and 'denial of service'.
  4. The CS department will reserve the right to lock and/or delete any accounts which contain files/scripts/programs that are known to be used for activities including but not exclusive to cracking, spamming and denial of service. This includes but is not exclusive to home directories, 'temp' system areas, and web pages.
  5. Students who discover or feel that their account has been comprised by another user should immediately report this to the Merrimack College CS Department.
CS users may not use the Computer Science resources to harass others. This includes but, is not exclusive to, activities such as spamming, spoofing, and tampering with system resources to appear as a different user.
Webspace is provided to students on a per need basis. To obtain webspace on the server you must:
  1. Obtain a department server account.
  2. Be enrolled in a course that requires webspace.
Webspace will be disabled at the end of the semester.

Webspace should be used in accordance with general college policies found in the student handbook. In particular, students with web access will:
  1. Not violate copyrights by posting copyrighted material.
  2. Not post inappropriate, derogatory, or explicit content.
  3. Not host advertisements.
Like an account, webspace is a privilege not a right. Please keep in mind that violation of any policy on this page can result in termination of your account; regardless of need.